Mark McClung is a corporate ladder climber, entrepreneur, family man, and a great motivator! Starting in WV without much exposure to the business world, Mark started several businesses and worked many internships to build his skill set and learn the professional world. Now with a polished resume and fantastic stories, Mark speaks to students and young professionals about his experiences and how to Take Action for a successful life and career.

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Real World University


Careers don’t start with college graduation and  It starts with figuring out what your skill set is and pursuing what interests you.  People too often make the mistake of picking a major or career without having any exposure to it.  Mark focuses on inspiring youth and teens to take action and get involved with their future now!  From starting a lemonade stand to creating the next social trend, our youth have what it takes to take control of their future by creating real world experiences they can grow into lifetime skills!


In a recent survey reported by the Washington Post, 44% of college students experience symptoms of depression.  Much of this is caused by the uncertainty of the future and the pressure of choosing the proper career path.  Mark cuts through the clutter and the misconception that a college degree = automatic high paying job.  Mark shares how he created three internships from scratch and started a successful business in college with only $100 in his pocket.  Through his experiences he built his skill set, found the best career path, and created opportunities that would not have been there otherwise.  Mark shares these stories and a simple message with college students to help them prepare for the work force….. TAKE ACTION!


Already found a career?  GREAT!  Take step A out of the equation and lets focus on building your career to reach your goal of Z!  Mark climbed the corporate ladder not by having an Einstein IQ, but through having a great work ethic, clear idea of the goal, and most importantly by building a brand for himself.  Regardless of the industry, building your career towards your goal position involves building your skill set and reputation.  Mark shares real world advice of how to leverage external opportunities to make yourself qualified for the position you want and how to navigate the political landscape of companies to build your reputation.

The Power of Action

This speech starts at the end….. where other speeches stop; at the excited feeling of “I can do anything! But how?” Mark focuses on how to turn any idea into real action quickly and gain momentum before doubt kicks in. Mark uses his real world experiences, humor, and his Take Action Guide to give students and professionals the tools necessary to turn any idea into action.


Our students will change the world. That is a fact. So, why wait until they are “grown-ups”? Mark gives students the power and tools to take action on ideas now that will give them confidence and experiences that give them an advantage in achieving their goals throughout their career and life.


When his college counselor told Mark that they couldn’t help with marketing internships because he was not a senior, he took his future into his hands by walking into local businesses and was able to convince the owners to hire him as a paid intern that handled all of their marketing. They even let him pick his title…. Marketing Director! He then used that experience to start his own business on the side while taking 18 hours. That business grew into 20+ clients and paid for college expenses. Taking Action did not come naturally, but Mark used a simple strategy to get things done and push ideas past where most people stop. Mark shares this strategy and real world stories with college students as he guides them to be more than just a student in the classroom!


As a Take Action Expert, Mark shares his secrets on how to Take Action on any idea through small trackable steps focused on gaining momentum quickly and pushing people to get more done in less time. Mark breaks down the fear of failure and helps people focus on action and celebrates progress regardless of how big or small. This speech is perfect for corporations wanting to empower their employees to innovate and make ideas reality quickly.


“Mark captured my students’ attention from the start with his positive and energetic disposition.  His story is real and extremely applicable to young people of today.  My students have walked away with a renewed sense of motivation and “go get ’em” attitude!”

– Vanessa Dry, Centennial High School Marketing Teacher/DECA Advisor

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